Sunday, September 8, 2013

STOP... Collaborate and Listen!

Hello everyone!!  Just a super quick post tonight.  I absolutely love attention getters!  I started using them last year after I found some real gems on pinterest.  Then, I found a few more this past summer and was super excited to implement them this year.  Some of my faves are:

Teacher: All Set?        Students: You Bet!  (typing it does not exude the cuteness of how it sounds!)

Teacher: Hocus Pocus       Students: Everybody focus!

Teacher: Red Robin...        Students: YUM!

and my absolute favorite right now (just taught this one on Thursday last week)....
Teacher: STOP...       Students: Collaborate and Listen!

Yes, you are correct, straight from Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby!!  This is my lils' favorite attention getter at the moment.  They love rapping it back to me.  It is hilarious and definitely makes my day every time we do it hahaha it's the little things!  I even had one of my lils come up to me Thursday afternoon and ask "Miss Kearns is that Stop Collaborate and Listen from the song that goes Ice Ice Baby (as he half rapped/danced that last part!!)?"  I smiled real big at his recognition of it and said, "Yes!  How did you know that?!"  He said it was in the movie Mr. Popper's Penguins!  hahaha

Here is where I got some of my attention getters:  and Here:  (Sorry I don't have the blogger who made that!)

What do you use to get your students' attention?

Samantha :)

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